Nicholas Holland

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General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: July 5, 1987
Height: 5'7
Occupation(s): Surgical Resident
Aliases: Nick
Family & Friends
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: The Reunion
Portrayer: Dave Franco (Present)

Garrett Clayton (Flashbacks)

Nicholas "Nick" Holland is a regular character in Camsay's series, Forever Young.

Nick is working at the Hospital of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania, Philadephia as a second year surgical resident. He participated in the attempted resuscitation of Dasha Zubov, failing at it and went back to West Valley for her funeral and trying to bond again with the people he used to know as his own family.

Nicholas was created by series writer Camsay and he's played by Dave Franco in the present storyline and by Garrett Clayton as a teenager in flashbacks.